Global Civility


About Us

On the 19th of September 2012 a gathering of over 100 leading Muslim Scholars, Spiritual leaders and representatives of major Muslim organisations took place in Birmingham, in response to the vilification of Islam, by the outrageous film ‘Innocence of Muslims’. At this gathering it was decided that:

  1. A united platform will be created by the name of Global Civility (Global Civility);

  2. Members of all sects within Islam, all faiths and fellow human beings will be invited to join the Campaign for Global Civility;

  3. Global Civility will spearhead the Campaign for Global Civility through Mosques to the Muslim community;

  4. Global Civility will declare Friday the 21st of September 2012 the day of ‘Love of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him’

  5. Global Civility will announce the global strategy to deal with the vilification of Islam in the outrageous film created in the US by the title ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

  6. Global Civility will organise a mass rally gathering over 100,000 Muslims in London (date to be announced) to endorse the global strategy dealing with this vilification and endorsing the Campaign for Global Civility.

Global Civility:

  • Unreservedly condemns the preposterous film vilifying Islam and desecrating the sanctity of the Holy Prophet Mohammad peace be upon Him.

  • Calls for all civilised fellow human beings to join in the ‘Campaign for Global Civility’.